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Hayahigh History

About Us

The name "hayahigh" began because it used to be a group of young men who always hung out on the side of the street, and people passing by would notice that the "hayahigh" life was what everyone was living. That's how the group came to be known as "hayahigh," and as more friends joined, they decided to create clothing with the same name.

They consulted a graphic artist, and after the first design was completed, they started looking for funds. They pooled their resources, launched pre-orders, collected the money, and then released the clothing, which was a success. The next step was collaboration. A graphic artist collaborated with them, and a second design was created. As it gained some traction, they searched for woven labels to make the clothing entirely their own.

That's when the "sunset" design and the hayahigh label were introduced. However, they couldn't continue due to budget constraints. After buying 5000 pieces of labels, one of the members tried tie-dyeing and attached the labels, which attracted more buyers.

They saved up, learned how to print on clothing using just a smartphone for designing. Since they had some drawing skills, they applied various designs to their clothing and continued making tie-dye products. They saved up and bought all the materials for printing, and that's how they learned and improved the quality of their work. It turns out they had been collaborating since 2016, but they only became independent in 2018. They finally started their own printing in December of 2022.